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Your character had inherited a curious trinket from his grandfather: a massive key with a label - an address was written on it.

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The heir had arrived to the specified location and surprisingly discovered a huge empty hangar right in front of him. Inside, in pirkite bitcoin kaip dovaną corner of the hangar, there was a computer desk, and software for managing the cryptocurrency farm was carefully installed on the computer!

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So, as you can see, your character's grandfather didn't left any fortune - instead, he left a tool for making this fortune. He knew his grandson would be smart, that's for sure.

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Having evaluated the situation, you begin to manage things. Your plan is to pirkite bitcoin kaip dovaną and install video card racks, provide them with energy and cooling, generate cryptocurrency and exchange it at the best rate.

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And your highest goal is to make your farm as large as possible! Key features: - More than a dozen different types of equipment with a variety of characteristics; - Tactical depth - the efficiency of the farm directly depends on how you install and arrange all the equipment; - Cryptocurrency exchange rate that changes dynamically, being represented within a clear graph; - System administrators and brokers who will help you automate farm management - they can replace the old equipment and automatically exchange the cryptocurrency.

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We remind you that this is a game, and the bitcoin generation doesn't happen for real. Also, the in-game bitcoin exchange rate may not correspond to the real one.

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However, the game experience can encourage you to try some cryptocurrency mining activity in the real life, so it's up to you!